Health & Safety

Policy Statement

Horizon Mechanical Contractors Inc. is committed to ensuring the health and safety of every worker. It is Horizon’s goal is to perform all business operations in a safe and effective manner, which will not adversely affect staff, clients, the public, or the environment. We will comply with Ontario’s Occupational Health and Safety Act, and all applicable Regulations and accept these statutes as minimum standards. Horizon will also provide workers with the equipment, materials, and protective devices as prescribed, and take every precaution reasonable in the circumstance to protect a worker. 

Management is responsible for maintaining a work environment as free as possible from actual and potential hazards, and for ensuring the security of all. Supervisors are responsible for the health and safety of workers under their supervision and will ensure that safe and healthy work conditions are maintained in the workplace. Each worker is responsible for working in a safe and healthy manner, working in compliance with legislation and established safe work practices and procedures, reporting all sub-standard and/or unhealthy conditions and intervening when such conditions occur.

COR Certified

As part of our commitment to maintaining our COR, we will uphold and maintain the current set standards for COR IHSA and dedicate ourselves to continuously evaluate the risk we face every day on-site. We look forward to working together to continue this success and provide you with professional services.

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